The Decentralized

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Convo offers all the Tooling and Infrastructure to add a
Social Layer to
supercharged by Web3.

Organizations using Convo

Coinvise gives creators & communities economic freedom. It's the most simple & trusted platform to mint social tokens, manage & build incentives around them.

Conversations, Simplified.

Continuity through Composability

Convo can be used as a singular layer to manage your conversations throughout the Internet, can be used to build upon and integrated into any application with Convo's API.

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Own your Data, Always.

All your Conversational Data generated on Convo is always in your control and linked to your Decentralized Identity, no other application can modify it without your approval.

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Simple-to-use API Built on Web3

The Convo Space is intended to be fully decentralized, utilizing Textile's ThreadDB built on IPFS and Libp2p for Storage ensuring that your data lives independent of the interface.

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Try it Out.

Just a single line of code, to get you started.

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Convo is a decentralized conversation protocol that separates social data from applications, creating a unified conversation layer that can work across applications by linking data to an user’s unique decentralized identity. 2/3

Aug 17



Now live! @0xConvo enables content from across applications to be linked to a user’s unique decentralized identity Your *governance activity now influences your ecosystem-wide reputation score* via the @boardroom_info API Read More:

Aug 19



If you’re a developer building social components into your application, I highly recommend checking out @anuditnagar’s work over at! Built on @ceramicnetwork.

Aug 17



i integrated @0xConvo and it was really smooth and helped me understand what's so neat about what @anuditnagar is building. decentralizing conversation threads means they can be associated with fex any NFT, and any marketplace can then display unified discussion about that asset

Aug 3

itsbdell 🔎


@jaesmail check out @0xConvo. Persistent decentralized conversational layer attached to unique DIDs instead of applications A bit down the line I think this becomes a conversational + micro-blogging layer across the metaverse

Aug 23



.@anuditnagar is one of the smartest builders from India, super excited for Convo Space 🔮

Jul 5


@JayBuidl by @anuditnagar looks promising for decentralized identity and micro-blogging, it integrates with @proofofhumanity + others to compute a reputation score

Jul 28



@0xConvo is a tooling and infrastructure to build social platforms for web3, #NFTs websites, mobile apps, etc., creating a decentralized conversation layer.

Aug 10

Next Top Metaverse Build Startup Competition


Please meet @0xConvo, the winner or the ‘Metaverse Build’ hackathon track hosted by @decentraland 🏘🏜 @0xConvo, who also took home 🥈overall, is a composable conversation layer across the web, powered by Web3!🕸 Congrats 🎉

Aug 20


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